Monday, February 7, 2011

Handphone Cover

Ini handphone cover for my baby sister, Ika... first time wat ni terkial2 gak coz x biasa jahit mende kecik2 ni..takut gak x muat or terbesar..alhamdulillah muat2 je..

Promotion price: RM10 only, my first customer is my sister..thanks ye adik ku!

Inside view..guna velcro tape je as per requested..Ika has no patience with very 'like' me hehehe

The lovely zakka fabric from Fabric Fanatic, saya beli scrap fabric so if interested kene re-order kain ni..
After this kene jahit for 3 more handphone cover... for me, Mira (we both bought new hp happy!!) and for my boss (sorry boss lame sangat pending order boss..huhu) 


  1. Absolutely adorable. I love the colors and the prints.

  2. thanks for the comment..i also like it very much!

  3. hi SewLove, katner nk cari kain denim ni?kat Kamdar ada ker ek


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