Saturday, April 16, 2011

Giveaway Little Iro-Iro ^ 0 ^

Nurul joint giveaway lagi...hehe suka suka mmg suka giveaway nie..kali nie dari Little Iro-Iro, free service utk jahit beg, material dari kita..owh mesti la nak ^ ^.. teringin gak nak tgk air tangan crafter laen..hope leh menang give away nie..

OUR PRODUCTS - price does not inc. delivery starting 12 April 2011

My request design---- Baby Jue ^ ^

Suka sgt tgk beg baby jue nie..nak beli rasa lambat lagi nak ber'baby' hehe.. kalau menang, Nurul dah niat nak bagi as hadiah dekat officemate..June nie, he will become a dad again, congratz Nuar! Hope you get a healthy and cute baby boy ^ ^

Nie fabric pilihan for exterior, colourful pokadot on brown matching dgn plain brown..rase match kan dua color nie? xde la nampak polkadot je kan hehe..

Lining pilihan..white polkadot in brown..owh suka sgt earth color camnie...
rase kaler brown ni lambat kotor kan, kotor sikit2 pun x nampak..hehe lagipun sure daddy nye yg tolong pegang, so me try to avoid girly color ^ ^

Giveaway end this 28 April, jom ramai2 joint!! Wish me luck!

P/S: A little peek of what I have made..alhamdulillah siap dah order2 nie..baru lah leh concentrate final hehe..nanti Nurul uploadkan gambarnye..still on editing process nie..


  1. Thank you for joining Nurul, good luck to you, aww...It is very nice of you to give the prezzie to your officemate :)

  2. hehe nak jahit sndri rase x yakin..xpenah wat bag susah2 lagi nie ^ ^

  3. Good luck untuk giveaway ni, Nurul! ^_^


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