Tuesday, June 21, 2011

New: Folded Wristlet

Introducing latest design from Sewlove, a folded wristlet. Sekarang byk betul idea mencurah2 nak jahit, but slow2 la ye..hehe keje ofis berlambak tapi nurul asik berangan je nak jahit itu ini..jgn marah ye bos ^ ^

Comel kan kain nie..suka sgt kaler ceria mcm nie..wristlet ni nurul guna denim + cotton 

Size: 7" x 6" when close
Size: 7" x 10" when open
** design come with fabric strap only, not including any keychain ^  ^ 

Interested, email me at: lovelytotty@gmail.com

Inside view when open, macam2 leh masuk nie..cuma long wallet je x leh masuk hehe..

Back view, a simple design but still nice kan? This folded wristlet actually a present for my sis's fren, Wawa... a small gift coz always support me..not only wawa, but for all the gang too..tapi x larat akak nak jahit utk sume ^ ^ This prezzy will be given this night, hope Wawa suka ye..

P/S: Coming soon, Nurul nak wat GA, now still preparing the prezzy.. ^  ^  will update secepat yg mungkin 

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